During this difficult time, we are offering 60 Days free inventory storage and MAJOR FBM DISCOUNTS!


Amazon and our other multi-channel sellers are starting to refer their sellers to best get inventory out by shipping inventory that is necessary across the nation and globally to Fulfillment By Merchant to help expedite inventory and keep as many as possible safe while getting them the consumer goods they must have!  

Please contact us for more pricing info during this time.  We have multiple warehouse locations available, over 50,000 cubic feet of space and growing thanks to our community and that community is about to be training for the influx of packages to check in and prep to ship back out with a 24 hour turnaround!!   We are here to meet the needs of our communities and nation as well as globally for Import and Export with a Fantastic Freight Forwarding Company!! 

We are able to handle from 1 item to over 50,000 items per client and will work around the clock to meet your goals and the needs of the consumer!! 

Our thoughts are with You, Your Families and Loved ones and want everyone to remain safe and healthy.