Returns are .$.50 per item

Polybags,Bubble Wrap, Bundled Product


Pallets, Storage and Case/Freight Forwarding

We are here to make this process as transparent and cost effective as possible.

Many other companies have hidden fees or charges.  We are here to make this easy for all of us.  Pallet Prices are not including per item prep and ship.

Contact us for large volume quotes. 

Pallets Storage Monthly Charge $25 per pallet $15 each Receiving charge

The receiving fee is for orders coming in on pallets. 

Please note, large volume sellers can contact us for special pricing and to negotiate pricing that suits all parties.   We now have storage in muliple locations to suit the needs of sellers .

Prep Per Item to Pallet For Shipping $1.25 with no shelving fees or per-item fee for monthly

This is the charge to open your pallet and each case to pull, inspect and shelf your product and have it ready to prep.  This will give you a discount on Prep and Ship because each unit is already inspected. 

Pallet Shipping 1-5 pallets $20 each Pallet Shipping 6+ Contact Us For $

Includes cost of pallet, Pallet Prep and Inventory Loading, Shrink Wrap of pallet. 

Case Forwarding Costs

These costs will be based on per item costs (if we need to open, inspect, repack and label.  

If the case has items already bundled or packaged with the correct barcode for your selling platform on the packaging, we can happily, negotiate a price that suits both parties.  We want to make sure you are not overpaying for services.  Please contact us using our form. 

Freight Forwarding

Please contact us for special pricing based on your needs.